Three little girls were looking for a summer job. Their preacher needed some help to go around the town and sell Bibles. So the preacher hired two girls without even thinking twice. He was hesitant about hiring the third girl. She suffered from speech and language disorder. But finally his heart fell on her, and hired her, too. Two weeks later they all met at the church.
'How many Bibles did you sell?' he asked the first girl.
'I sold 14,' she replied.
He looked at the second girl and asked her the same question.
'I sold 28!' she replied.
The preacher was satisfied. Finally he asked the third girl, who suffered from speech and language disorder.
'I-I-I-I s-s-o-o-ld 103!'
The preacher was amazed and asked, 'How could you sell that many Bibles?'
'I-I-I-I t-t-o-o-ld them-m to b-buy them-m or I-I will r-r-read it to them-m.'

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