A woman was sitting in the pub enjoying a bottle of premium dry red wine with her girlfriends. Suddenly the pub's door opened, and an exceptionally masculine, tall, sexy, bearded guy walked in. He was so striking that all the pub's women turned towards him. The young man noticed the woman's attentive stare and walked directly to their table.
Before she could apologize for being rude and staring, the sexy, bearded guy looked in her eyes and said, 'I will do anything what you want me to do so, my lady, no matter how kinky, for $150. I have only one condition.'
Surprised, the woman asked what the condition would be.
'You have only three words to tell me,' replied the sexy, bearded guy with a smile.
The woman got the $150 from her purse, counted into the guy's outstretched hand, and meaningfully said: "Clean my house."

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