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Terrible Plane Accident

In the middle of Alaska the Air Force One crashed. The Secret Service immediately marched out to the point of the terrible plane accident. The airplane was totally destroyed, but there were no corpses. To their amazement, a long-bearded lumberjack appeared on his snowmobile, as if nothing happened. They surrounded the lumberjack.
'Sir, did you see this terrible plane accident happen?' the senior Secret Service agent asked.
'Yep, I did,' the lumberjack replied carelessly.
'Do you know that this is the plane of the President of the United States?'
'Yep, I know.'
'Have you seen any survivors?'
'Nope. They were all dead. I have just buried them. It took most of the morning.'
'The President of the United States is dead?' asked back the agent horrified.
'Well,' the lumberjack sighed, apparently wanting to get back to his work, 'he kept saying that he wasn't. But everyone knows what a big liar he is.'
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